Guidelines for membership

Digital Security Association of India (DiSAI)
Membership Rules

01.          Membership

Membership is open to

(a)  Professionals living in India and working in whatever capacity in the digital or legal or information security or  any other domains with an interest in the area of digital security
(b)  Bona fide students of recognized institutions, studying the related courses or any other course but interested in the area of digital security.

02.          Types of Membership

(a)  Honorary
(b)  Institutional
(c)  Individual
(d)  Student

03.          Membership guidelines

(a)  For the purpose of membership fee and subscription, the relevant year is April - March.
(b)  The Board of Trustees  shall have the power to alter the rate of subscription at any time, as per the procedure that may be followed in the Digital Security Assn of India (DiSAI) Trust meeting.  
(c)   Any new membership must be proposed by an existing member of DiSAI in good standing.
(d)   Board of Trustees are vested with the powers on acceptance or otherwise, of any membership request and such decision shall be final and binding.  Membership admission is at the sole discretion of the Board of Trustees.

04.          Membership fees & Subscription

(a)  Honorary Members category – No charges – Invited by the Board of Trustees.
(b)  Individual category – Admission fee Rs.500/- - Annual subscription Rs.1000/-
(c)  Institutional category – Admission fee R.500/- - Annual subscription Rs.20,000/-
(d)  Student category – Annual subscription – Rs.500/- (No Admission fee)

Payment may be made in cash or by cheque favouring ‘Digital Security Association of India’, or a direct credit to the account of DiSAI, as may be directed by the Treasurer or the other office-bearer of the DiSAI Trust, nominated for the purpose.

05.          Benefits

Invitation for the workshops/seminars and other programmes will be sent through email or any other means of communication, to the members of all categories.

Members will be involved in organizing meetings, workshops, seminars and any such awareness initiatives of DiSAI Trust as may be required by the Trust, and to carry out any activity in connection with such events, as the DiSAI Trust may decide.
DiSAI Trust may at its sole discretion utilize the services of members in its lecture, academic and other assignments thus providing an opportunity and exposure to members.

(a)  Honorary Members : Invited for all the events.  No charges levied.
(b)  Individual category : Whenever any programme is chargeable, 50% discount will be offered.
(c)  Institutional category: Three representatives can be nominated free of cost to three ‘chargeable’ programmes/workshops/seminars.
(d)  Student category:  Reasonable discount will be offered to all chargeable workshops/ seminars and other programmes.  Right now, it is decided to offer 60% discount, which may vary from time to time as may be decided by the DiSAI Trust .

06.          Other conditions

(a)  Board of Trustees may invite any person of standing to become  ‘Honorary Member’ of DiSAI for any specific period or for life time.  Admission fee and Subscription will not be collected from the Honorary members.
(b)  Admission fee will be waived to all the other categories of members and for payment of one year subscription, membership for two years will be offered, as a promotional offer, who are joining before 30th September 2018. 
(c)  Membership will be terminated, if the subscription is not paid within 30th April every year.
(d)  Members, irrespective of category, are not eligible to become the office bearers of the Trust and cannot take part in the management of the Trust.   However, Board of Trustees can nominate any member as the  Chairman or Member of any Sub-Committee or an Expert Group, that may be formed by the DiSAI Trust for any purpose.
(e)  Board of Trustees reserves the right to terminate the membership of any member without assigning any reason.  In such a case, where a membership is terminated, without giving notice exercising the discretionary powers of the DiSAI Trust, the proportionate subscription amount for the unexpired period will be refunded.
(f)  Application for Membership should be submitted in the prescribed format in the prescribed manner that may be decided by the DiSAI Trust whether online or otherwise.  Individual and Student Members are requested to submit a photograph along with the application online.

07.          Contact details

a)    For any further details, kindly visit our website and contact

Membership application should be submitted online only for consideration by the Committee.


Digital Security Association of India (DiSAI)

Category of Membership
(Please tick the appropriate)

(a)          Individual
(b)          Institutional
(c)          Student


Contact Address

Mobile Number 1

Mobile Number 2

WhatsApp Number


Website / Blog address, if any

Facebook URL, if any

Twitter handle, if any

Individuals “ Profession or where employed

Institutions ; Nature of Business

Students – Course , Year and College

What do you expect from DiSAI? How can you help DiSAI to achieve its goals?

I / We have read the rules and regulations of DiSAI and will abide by them and am/are aware that membership is at the sole discretion of the DiSAI Trust and its management.

Signature and date


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