Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Digital Security Association of India (DiSAI) launched as the fourth initiative of eMagazine PreSense

Digital Security Association of India (DiSAI) is a non-profit Public Trust and NGO (Non-Government Organisation), with Trustees on its board, holding expertise in technology and the academic field.  This is the fourth initiative of eMagazine PreSense.

V. Rajendran, Editor of PreSense, is the Founder and Chairman of DiSAI. Prof. Dr R. Jagannathan, Editorial Advisor of PreSense, and former Vice-Chancellor of the Middle East University, UAE and the American Medical University, West Indies, is  the President of the new initiative. 

Presently, the world is talking about Computer Security, Network Security, Internet Security, System Security, Information security and Cyber Security. With technology penetration in all walks of life, impacting human life globally, safety and security of data in communication including the other aspects associated with life namely, ethical security, societal security, and legal security assume greater significance. DiSAI will embark on a new journey in this direction focussing in this niche area of digital security, involving all the stake holders in the area.

Those interested in getting associated with the initiative, irrespective of their location, may email to Shri V Rajendran, Chairman, DiSAI at info@disai.in or disai.india@gmail.com.

For more details about Trustees
Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


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