Friday, 3 August 2018

DiSAI opens up Membership for individuals, institutions and students

Digital Security Association of India ((DiSAI) opens up the membership for individuals, institutions and students.  Detailed guidelines can be downloaded form

Application for membership may be submitted through the link below.  On receipt of the application, the membership committee will examine and get back to the applicants.  If no response is received within a week, the applicants may send a mail to or contact Mr V Rajendran, Chairman, DiSAI over SMS or mobile 9444073849.

Digital Security Association of India (DiSAI) opens up Membership.  Rules and application forms can be downloaded from the following link.

Sunday, 29 July 2018

DiSAI Workshop on ‘Securing the Digital India' at Anna University

Hon'ble Justice Shri R Subramanian inaugurating the workshop

Digital Security Association of India (DiSAI), one of the initiatives of this ezine PreSense organised a one-day Workshop on “Securing the Digital India”.  Hon’ble Justice Mr.  R. Subramanian, Judge, Madras High Court, inaugurated the workshop. In his address, he highlighted the ramification of individual privacy in India.  Quoting the landmark judgement of the apex court declaring privacy as a fundamental right, he said it had been reiterated several times that freedom of expression was always subject to reasonable restrictions.  He added that the freedom of expression of any individual should not cause invasion into another’s privacy. 

Dr P.V. Kumaraguru, Deputy Director of the Guru Nanak College, Chennai, in his keynote address, elaborated on the techno-legal issues involved in digital security and detailed the subjects associated with it, viz. artificial intelligence and big data analysis.

Experts in the field of digital security, such as cyber law, cyber security, network technology, social networking sites and cyber-crime investigation, shared their knowledge during the various sessions in the day. The well-known cyber law expert, Shri Naa Vijayashankar discussed the draft of the Personal Data Protection Bill that had been submitted by the Sri Krishna Commission to the Central Government the previous day.

In the panel discussion that followed, the panellists, Mr Badri Seshadri and Mr Logesh Babu discussed the Data Privacy related issues in India as compared to those of the western world like General Data Protection Regulations in UK. In the post-lunch session, there was a panel discussion on ‘Cyber Crimes: a 360-Degree Overview’.  Additional Superintendent of Police, Ms. Lavanya spoke about the current status of cyber-crimes in the state while senior cyber law advocate, Mr Karthikeyan spoke about the various provisions of the Information Technology Act and other related legal provisions. Shri Karruppuswamy from Jesuit Technologies presented the network related issues. 

There were two short informative sessions on ‘Digital Evidences’ and ‘Nuances of a Mobile Phone’.  In the valedictory session, Dr R Nataraj, IPS, Director-General of Police (Retired) and sitting Member of the State Legislative Assembly, shared his experiences with cyber-crime cases and added that the future was going to be completely digital, and hence, every digital user should be made aware about digital security for his own security.

The event photos can be downloaded from the link 

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Workshop on "Securing the Digital India" at Anna University on 28th July 2018

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A full day workshop is being held at Anna University by DiSAI on 28th July 2018 on the theme "Securing the Digital India".  Interested my contact the numbers given in the above invitation.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Registration opens for the workshop titled "Securing the Digital India" on Saturday, 28th July 2018 at Anna University, Chennai organised by Digital Security Association of India (DiSAI)

Digital Security Association of India (DiSAI), one of the Non Profit initiatives of eMagazine PreSense organises a full day workshop on "Securing the Digital India" on Saturday, 28th July 2018 at Anna University, Chennai.    Digital Security is assuming greater importance when the Government of India is implementing 'Digital India' concept.  

The workshop will start at 10 am and end at 5 pm.  Hon'ble Justice Smt. Pushpa Sathyanarayana, Judge, Madras High Court has kindly consented to inaugurate the workshop.  We have also invited Shri Hansraj G Ahir, Hon'ble MOS (Home) to deliver his address.  We are awaiting his confirmation.

DiSAI has planned a day long interesting presentations, panel discussions and lectures.  Many senior Police officials, Banking officials, Information Technology experts and cyber lawyers will share their views.    This workshop will be useful for IT professionals, lawyers and students.  

There will be a nominal participation fee to meet the out of pocket expenses, including lunch and background materials.  DiSAI offers concessions for some professional organisations and students.

Since only limited seats are available, interested persons may kindly register their names through this link.

Sponsorship opportunities are also available  to reputed organisations.   We request you to kindly share this information with your contacts.  

For more information about DiSAI, please visit and for details contact 

Kindly contact Shri V Rajendran, Chairman, DiSAI over mobile 9444073849 for any specific additional information...  

Friday, 19 January 2018

Digital Security in Governance - presentation by Dr Santhosh Babu IAS during DiSAI workshop

Digital Security Association of India (DiSAI) organised a full day workshop on 'Securing the digital space' on 6th Jan 2018 at Anna University, Chennai.  Dr Santhosh Babu IAS, Chairman of Tamil nadu Handicrafts Corporation Limited and former IT Secretary of Government of Tamil Nadu made a presentation on digital security in governance.    Please watch his presentation.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Hon'ble MOS Home Shri Hansraj Ahir's video message for the DiSAI workshop on Digital Security

Digital Security Association of India (DiSAI) organised a full-day workshop on 'Securing the digital space' at Anna University, Chennai on 6th January 2018. (Report).  Hon'ble Minister of State (Home) Shri Hansraj G Ahir was to address the workshop.  Due to other important assignments, he could not participate.  However, he sent his video message for screening in the audience.

Please listen to his message in Hindi. (Translation given below the video)

True translation of the speech of Shri Hansraj Ahir, Hon'ble MOS (Home)

Prime Point Foundation and its associate concern Digital Security Association of India are organising a very useful programme on digital security.  I am glad that I have been invited to address the participants in this event, in Chennai.  Since I am now pre-occupied with another important assignment here, I am not able to come there for your programme.   I thank prime Point Foundation Srinivasan and Shri V Rajendran, for inviting me for this event.  I am sure that this is a very useful workshop and will be well received, especially from the perspective of public awareness in the area of cyber crimes and cyber security. 

Government of India under the leadership of Prime Minister is taking lots of initiatives and is launching with great hopes, the modernisation of various aspects of governance through digital India and other such projects.  On behalf of the Home Ministry, I am happy to state that a total of Rs.10,000 crores are being allocated especially on modernisation  for  the police force itself, on efforts like skill enhancement, training and other such related activities.  Unfortunately, cyber crimes are increasing every day since the usage of Internet is increasingly rapidly.  Reducing cyber crimes and making the police well trained and highly knowledgeable in these areas, is our objective. Hence with such initiatives like modernisation and education in the area of cyber crimes and security, the entire police force would be well equipped to tackle cyber crimes in future.   Through such programmes you are helping the police and security forces and thus helping the government in its efforts and thus enhancing the security of the nation.

I congratulate the organisers for this great initiative of creating awareness, which is a main agenda of the government.  You have taken a good initiative at a most appropriate time.  This Digital Security of Association is being launched in Chennai and I urge upon you to spread the awareness initiatives throughout India in future, carrying the message among the public, increasing cyber education among the masses.  I convey my best wishes to Shri Prime Point Srinivasan and Shri V Rajendran for launching this NGO and taking efforts in the right direction in the area of cyber security awareness.

 Jai Hind
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